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Coach Kim

Head Tumbling Coach, Cheer


My cheerleading career began during junior high at Bridgeforth Middle School. Moving on to High School, I was a Bobcat through and through (that hasn't changed)!

I began coaching at Minor Hill Elementary in 1995, and continued through 2000. 

When my oldest daughter began her years at Giles County High, I moved on to coach there from 2001 until 2004. 

During those years I ran my own tumbling studio in Pulaski, and headed up two competitive cheer squads. We competed two to three times a year, often obtaining fourth place and higher.

In 1996, we were invited by UCA with an invitation for some of our athletes to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! And in 1998, our entire team was chosen to be a part of the Disney Parade and perform at the Citrus Bowl halftime show! Both of which are honors given to teams based on their performances and abilities.

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